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    Interview: How the ancestral art of Wayuu weaving is transmitted

    Wayuu fabrics have a human face and unknown roots that have been preserved for many generations. The art of weaving is a beautiful work of artisans to preserve their culture and tradition with the passing of time.

    This is why through this interview conducted at the beginning of 2021, it is possible to know how the Wayuu weaving and technique is transmitted in an autochthonous way from childhood to adulthood, highlighting the importance of keeping alive the ancestral art of weaving.

    The process begins at the age of 7 years, where the girls observe the different weaving techniques and become familiar with them, so that at the time of their "maturity", with the transition from girl to woman and the rite of confinement, they perfect these techniques learned during childhood and keep the culture alive thanks to these customs.

    Thus, the conservation of this art is very important, since the traditions of ethnic communities are part of the cultural identity of indigenous peoples, being a fundamental and representative element that keeps alive the culture and traditions of a country rich in diversity. and history like Colombia.

    We invite you to learn more about culture, and help preserve it by buying its products that are your main source of income and the best legacy for our country.

    Let's keep alive the magic and art of Wayuu weaving !!



    Learn about the project to install 30 solar panels in the Piorikat community north of La Guajira. Benefit for 50 families including 20 artisans who do not have electricity or light at night.

    Through the donation of portable solar panels, we seek to improve the living and lighting conditions of the community, also providing optimal solutions that give them opportunities to have a more dignified life. So access to light 💡, allows artisans to weave at night and do other daily tasks.

    It is with this face-to-face fieldwork that we understand the needs of artisans, coming here and talking to them is essential to get closer to their lifestyle, needs and culture. So we give thanks to the support that our customers give when buying a handle, as well as to our weavers who put their art and dedication to making Castellano continue to grow with quality products.

    We invite you to be in contact with our IG channel to see the installation of these panels on April 30, 2021.

    #unitedwe are stronger

    Instagram: @castellanoeo





    We share with you this clip in which the artisans talk about their experience during COVID-19, where we receive testimonies that show how they lived this new situation:

    "The year 2020 was a very difficult year for all of us, but we with our art and weaving were able to survive. We also survive by caring for the domestic animals of each of the families that belong here to the community. Practically here we spent it weaving so we could entertain the mind with our creativity During the pandemic ”Cristina Gomez, Wayuu artisan in the Piorekat community.

    Thanks to this experience, we learn more about their lifestyle, allowing us to capture the best smiles on their faces and distract ourselves a bit from the pandemic, from different donations.

    On this visit, we delivered basic food and learned about the territory of this community for the implementation of our portable solar panel project.
    Thanks to @eduarmonsalve and @laguajiraenfotos for joining us and making this marvelous video.
    All idea from @danicastellanom




    This beginning of the year allowed us to continue with the water donation project in Alta Guajira, where after 6 years of sharing with Wayuu communities and artisans, we have learned about their needs and their lifestyle.

    Through the tour we take in the ranches, we want to share our visit with you so you can learn about how artisans live and see this beautiful project up close.

    We visited municipalities such as Manaure and Uribia where we made a donation of 20,000 liters of water, thanks to the support of our clients in the last quarter of 2020; There we supplied the different water tanks in each house and shared with the children who came with great joy to receive our visit.

    Additionally, we visited the Piorekat community in the north of La Guajira, where we evidenced the deficiencies of light and light. Therefore, through the donation of portable solar panels, we seek to improve the living conditions and lighting of the community, generating electricity for 4 light bulbs and charging cell phones.

    These actions were carried out, thanks to the hard work done by the artisans, who with their weavings and wisdom, accompany us in the daily construction of Castellano.