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    Our Mission statement 



    Who we are / what we do

    We are a sustainable and ethical brand that produces handbags and fashion accessories that supports and preserve indigenous hand craftsmanship.

    Our products enhance the techniques of some of the most highly skilled artisans in Colombia and celebrates the unknown tribes that are part of our history and ethnic origins. Each CASTELLANO product carries the essence of a traditional indigenous tribe which should not be forgotten.

    Our mission is to create pieces  with a human story and keep alive heritage, tradition and culture. We want make a social impact by  providing  local jobs and giving back with social project that seek to empower women and their local communities. 

    Our project support the Wayuu and Arhuaca people who preserve their weaving skills and cultural heritage which are internationally renowned for their quality, patterns and colours. 


    Our Office

    26-30 Old Church Street
    London SW3 5BY